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ArtSystems is keenly aware of our responsibility to play our part in reducing negative global impact on the environment. With this objective at the forefront of our activities we have set out a number of measurable goals to drive ecological change throughout the organisation and with our channel partners. These developments include the implementation of an Environmental Management System leading to ISO14001 accreditation, Chain of Custody certification for the distribution of FSC and PEFC certified medias and the development of product ranges with clearly defined environmental benefits. The information on this page sets out some of our achievements to date and provides links to the appropriate collateral.

Environmental Policy:

To engender a global company culture of change, ArtSystems has adopted an environmental policy, this details the core values upon which our Environmental Management System and ISO 14001 will be based.

As we progressively implement new strategies we will update these pages to ensure effective communications and to engage our partners in discussion and change. To view ArtSystems environmental policy and other related collateral, please click here.

Chain of Custody:

The world's forests are being increasingly subjected to illegal logging that is causing the destruction of vast tracts of vital forest and the fragile eco-systems they support results in the devastation of homelands, natural habitats and encourages the growth of illegal trades. In order to counter this activity, globally supported organisations such as the Forest Stewardship Council and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forestry Certification Schemes and others have been created to provide responsible stewardship of the world's forests.

ArtSystems support and adhere to the FSC and PEFC standards and as such form part of our Chain of Custody. To view ArtSystems Chain of Custody policy and other related collateral, please click here

Oeko-tex Standard 100 - Environmental standard

As part of our responsibility to the environment and objectives to offer products and services with ecological benefits, ArtSystems in association with Junkers and Mullers is pleased to offer Mediatex range of technical textiles. Certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100 which ensures the optimisation for human ecology to reduce the risks associated with the release of Volatile Organic Compounds from the product, this range provides the user with confidence in both the performance and environmental characteristics of the media

To view more information about the Oeko-tex environmental standard click here

Fogra certifcation - for proofing quality guaranteed

As customer demands, tighter margins and improved resource efficiency - achieved through better workflow - place increasing challenges on print service providers; guaranteed consistency in print reproduction at the proofing stage is of growing concern to the quality conscious printer.

ArtSystems will help you meet those needs with our range of fogra certified proofing media.

To access our fogra related pages click here

Batteries & Accumulators Regulations (2008)

As part of the Batteries and Accumulator Regulations which came into effect in September 2008 any persons wishing to place batteries into the UK market must comply with these regulations.

ArtSystems Limited is commited to meeting its obligations in this respect

To access our B&A regulation pages please click here

UK Hazardous Waste Legistlation

ArtSystems is committed to the reduction and removal of hazardous waste harmful to human health and the environment.

To access our hazardous waste information pages please click here